Crossroads Kombucha

Health-Giving Craft Kombucha with a Great Fizzy Taste!

Home Delivery Every Tuesday

Crossroads Kombucha offers home delivery within 30 miles of the Franklin brewery. Place your kombucha order today and reserve a case or keg of your favorite flavor!

Our next home delivery (and pick up date) is Tuesday, June 18th.

  • Made in Indiana

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • 100% Raw

Independent Craft

Barry and Sam Bolin
Our Flavors

Our Flavors

Crossroads Kombucha is an artisanal fermented tea-based drink, hand-crafted in Franklin, Indiana... 

Barry and Sam Bolin

Meet the Brewers

Crossroads Kombucha is owned and operated by the Bolin family, long-time residents of Johnson County in Indiana. Samuel (right) and Barry (left) personally brew every ounce of the Crossroads Kombucha you drink!